Garden Arches Add Mystery to the Garden

Garden arches give added structure, space and mystery to any garden. Putting an arch to your front door will add some elegance and have a welcoming effect on your visitors. The properly placed arch can add mystery by not allowing the visitors eye to see the entire space beyond.

When considering adding an arch to your yard it is important to know how much support the plant you will be growing on it requires. Some vines can require more than others the wisteria plant as an example requires steel strength support. You do not want to have your arch blow over in the wind in full bloom and have to cut it down.

When you have a small yard arches can give you the added space you need to grow a focal point for the eye and break up the smallest plot into different garden rooms. If you have a large yard it can break it up into manageable sizes and hide things that you don’t want your visitors to see.

There are many styles of garden arches available on the market today. Some people prefer to build it for themselves to get that unique look for their landscape plans. Either way you will enjoy the beauty of an arch in your garden and wonder how you ever lived without one.

Once you have selected your garden arch or built one you will need to place it in your yard. This step is very important, because you will want it to last your lifetime. You will need to dig a hole deep enough that the base is below freeze line. You don’t want to have the arch heaving when the soil temperature changes.

If you have a wooden garden arch you will want the main post to be oversized. The post will rot in the ground and you will have to replace it if your post is not sized large enough. Once you have the arch post holes dug you will want to use a level and make sure that all the posts are level. I would refill the hole at the bottom with some gravel to encourage the water to move away from the post and assist with the leveling process. Fill it to the top with soil, plant your vine and let the beautiful focal point grow.

You will find that garden arches will create a feeling of harmony in your garden and are well worth the effort. The hard work of the placement of the arch will last for many years. Create some mystery in your garden and have fun.