Electric Guitar – How To Play It

The electric guitar is a great instrument and there are so many styles and methods to play it. There is no way you will be able to learn how to play the electric guitar by reading an article, so let’s focus on some learning tips instead.

Electric Guitar — How To Play Tip #1: It is very important to check the strings, making sure they are fitted properly. When you play the electric guitar, there can be some tuning problems if the strings are not fitted properly. If you are able to hear a “ping” sound, then you can be pretty sure is needs to be checked.

Electric Guitar — How To Play Tip #2: Every guitar has its’ own sound and texture. Get to know your guitar well. Become accustomed to the tone and volume controls; also try using different pickup selections. By getting to know your guitar, you will learn how to create the best sounds.

Electric Guitar — How To Play Tip #3: It’s important to learn how to play the mute strings. When you play the mute strings at a high volume, you will be amazed at the power of this sound from the amplifier, and this will make the strings on your guitar ring loud and vibrate. This sound will ruin anything you are trying to play if you don’t learn how to mute the strings that you don’t want to hear. You can typically do this by pressing the strings on the bridge with the palm of your strumming hand.

Electric Guitar — How To Play Tip #4: Practice learning the simple licks and scales as well as practice your scale knowledge. You will use this to add the extra notes. There are some great blues licks that you can learn to add some great depth to a lot of songs, giving your music your own personality.

And Last But Not Least, Tip #5: Practice learning how to bend the strings and applying vibrato. The best sound from an electric guitar is to play a note and bend it up to a high note along with some great vibrato. These techniques are pretty easy to learn, but difficult to perfect. As you learn and practice, you will find your own sound, and as you become comfortable with the current tune, you will start to experiment and have so much fun.

These are only a few tips on playing the electric guitar. Learning how to play well will be something that you will be doing for years to come, getting better and better as you go.