Deciding Between an Electric RC Truck or a Nitro RC Truck

Electric RC cars are for beginners and for users who want to experience the excitement they bring. Electric RC trucks are more appealing and cheaper to run and maintain. Electric RC trucks are very simple machines to operate compared to nitro vehicles which require more complicated procedures to ensure correct operation. For electric vehicles all you have to do is charge the batteries and plug the batteries into the vehicle. Then you are ready to have fun and enjoy the day running your remote control. If you a beginner you might want to consider starting with an electric vehicle to get your feet wet and then after that move on up to the more powerful nitro vehicles. Electric RC trucks also tend to be cheaper and might fit better in your budget than a nitro vehicle.

Electric RC cars are really quiet which allows you to run them indoors on rainy cold days or even in town. Gas powered trucks are very loud and put out smoke which prevents you from running those nitro vehicles indoor. Gas powered vehicles also take fuel which is an added expense to take into consideration. Gas powered trucks also requires more knowledge on tuning your engine for correct operation. Gas powered trucks need to be cleaned and oiled after running which is more time consuming. Nitro engines build condensation from running them and if there not oiled the engine will rust and lock up. Can cause serious engine damage and more money out of your wallet.

Nitro vehicles tend to have more speed then the electric vehicles. Electric cars are less messy and more environmentally friendly. Nitro vehicles tend to leak nitro fuel out the exhaust after running and also if not careful filling the tank u could spill nitro fuel. Nitro vehicles need torn down and cleaned after every run and air filter checked every half an hour of runtime.

Hope this article was helpful to you on deciding which RC vehicle type is right for you. If you’re a beginner I would suggest an electric truck to start learning with and as you become more experienced you can move up too a nitro vehicle to advance your experience. It is also a great bonding time beside a parent sand there kid. Hope you all enjoy your remote controls and choose the best RC vehicle for you and that suits your needs or demands.