Patio Pet Doors For the Busy Pet Owner

Many people have fenced back yards for one of two reasons; they have small children or they have pets. If you are one of those households that have pets you know the importance of taking them out on a regular basis. We don’t always have the time to do this so alternative arrangements must be made. Patio pet doors make it possible for your pet to enter and leave you home without interrupting your busy schedule. Many of them are a modern touch to an old idea because you don’t have to cut a hole in your doors to install them.

Patio pet doors are one of the more modern forms of pet luxury. They can be installed in minutes and some are even smart doors that operate on a sensor contained in the door and a collar. These prevent the interior of your home from becoming a stopping point for strays. They are sold with a collar that goes on your pet and when they approach the door, a panel raises allowing your pet to exit the door. It operates the same way from the exterior allowing you pet back in.

Others can be purchased in screen form. This means that during the summer, your pet is free to come and go for exercise while the interior of your home still enjoys a nice summer breeze. Most of these doors are designed in three different sizes; large, medium and small. In some instances you can even find extra large pet doors for larger breed pets. They are contemporary in style so they go with any d├ęcor yet are a part of modern technology. They are ideal for a replacement of a pet door because these are easy to install.

Most must have a hole cut in the bottom of a wooden door. Patio pet doors can be installed by simply opening the packaging, removing the panel and putting it in place. Many have self height adjusters so you don’t have to worry about measuring, cutting and making a mistake and ruining the door. They are available at many local retailers as well as a vast number of online retailers. Some include tempered safety glass, weather stripping around the panel as well as the pet flap and optional screen insert. In some instances you can even purchase a new pet flap for a replacement of a tattered one.

You can find patio pet doors to match the exterior color of your home as well as the interior. They offer you a style that is contemporary with a modern flare. Their prices are very affordable with some as inexpensive as $150. Of course, as with most products, this is the basic style of door and depending on the options you choose such as screen types, glass styles, size and colors the prices increase. If you want to be kind to your pets, consider using pet patio doors for your home. In many cases they can be used year round.