Quick Home Decorating Tips to Add Style to Any Room

Whether you are expecting house guests or want to re-accessorize your home, you will be able to put these home decorating tips to work immediately. They are economical as well as quick and easy.

Decorate your walls by adding paintings, framed prints, photographs, metal art, sconces or even an attractive throw rug. You might even have home décor stored away that you would like to bring out and enjoy.

Vintage and retro décor pieces are very popular and really add character to a room. They are plentiful at yard sales, thrift shops and second-hand stores. You can also repurpose mementos that you have stored away. Wouldn’t it be fun to display those items? And, they make great conversation pieces.

Purchase unique light switch covers to add a touch of excitement to a room and forget about those plain, boring white or cream-colored covers. They can be found in home improvement stores, interior decorating stores and discount stores to match most decorating styles and color schemes.

By adding new lighting in a room you not only update the room but you also give the room a fresh, new look. Dark corners open up with additional lighting. It is also a good time to add that unique lamp or light fixture that you have been admiring!

Adding cushions to your chairs will not only produce an up-to-date look for your furniture, but it will help to cover up any scratches or nicks that have accumulated over time. Use a neutral color cushion or add interest to your room with something bold!

A good way to update a kitchen is to change the door handles on the cabinets. This is a fairly simple task but will add a nice touch to the room. Handles can be found in an assortment of styles to fit any décor. New kitchen linens really add a spark to the room. It’s also fun to change them with the seasons of the year.

Using vases, candles or other decorative centerpieces to adorn tabletops is a quick and easy home decorating tip you can use any time of the year. You can display candles in a variety of sizes placed on a charger plate, a bold-colored vase with fresh or silk flowers or a beautiful, seasonal centerpiece to add a special touch to any room. Add greenery or pine cones depending on the time of year, and you have an attractive, stylish centerpiece.

Getting Wooden Christmas Decorations For the Holidays

Wooden Christmas Decorations are one of the many options you can choose from when buying Christmas decors. What would really go well with wooden furniture are wooden Christmas decorations! If you have a home with a nature-looking theme, wooden decors would compliment your furniture very well. They will definitely match a country-themed home.

There are a lot of Christmas decors out there. You may find those made up of plastic, metal, porcelain, enamel, fabric, and of course wood among many others. Thus, it wouldn’t be a problem matching a home decorated with wooden furnishings. Wooden Christmas decorations aren’t hard to find. You’ll find all sorts of decorations that are made up of wood. Examples are wooden Santa’s, reindeers, Christmas manger, elves, small Christmas trees that you can put on the table, and even Christmas decorations that you can put in your porch. In fact, if you’re theme is all wood, you can even get those wooden ornaments to put in your Christmas tree. That will certainly complete your Christmas decorations for sure.

What’s great about having Christmas decorations made out of wood is that it is easy to maintain. If you’ve got kids running around the house, it won’t break easily unlike glass, porcelain, or even plastic. At the same time, it’s safer as compared to those made up of metal. What’s even better is that even if it gets broken, you can easily repair it and it will certainly look brand new again. You can easily sand the decor to smooth the surface. You can also easily retouch the paint if the color wears off. When a glass ball ornament falls of your tree, you have no choice but to throw it and get a replacement. But with a wooden ornament, all you have to do is to hang it up again your tree.

Oprah’s Interior Design Secrets – Home Decorating Inspired by Nate Berkus

It is no secret that Nate Berkus is Oprah’s preferred interior decorator. Nate Berkus is a very familar name in interior design. In addition to appearing on Oprah’s show, he has been feature in numerous publications.

Nate Berkus’s style of decorating is very similar to contemporary or modern decor. One of the biggest similarities is Berkus’s distaste for clutter. If you are a pack rat, it is time to break that habit. In Berkus’s eyes, less is more. Allow your visitor’s attention to gravitate to one or two main pieces and discard random knick knacks.

Nate’s decorating style also features random, unique pieces of furniture. Add an exotic shaped chair of ottoman to your space. Dare to be different and veer away from your traditional recliners. In terms of living room or dining room furniture, say goodbye to purchasing a matching set with the chair, sofa and love seat. Pair together two red chairs with a totally different patterned sofa. Use your imagination and create an exotic and unique look for your space. Instead of those plastic trees that sell like hot cakes, veer over to the nursery and purchase some live plants and flowers. The greenery will provide a pinch of color to your space.

Finally if you decide to dress your windows, stay away form patterned window treatments. Nate Berkus is a fan of neutral colored window coverings if the windows are dressed. If you have difficulty selecting window coverings, it is always an option to leave your windows bare if privacy is not an issue.